Monday, Monday Tidy Attire
December 5th, 2016

Posted by Kathleen

Hey everyone! It’s Monday and we have a whole new batch of videos for you!

First of all, I just want you guys to know that Ian, Ben and I delivered a near perfect Feed Dump this week. It’s got everything. Huffing, whistling, tallow, closing time… a hat? Just watch it, this one is really good.

Next up Graham and I are back on the CheckPoint train. So choo choo, the destination is a Tumblr stuffed with fanart of Mads Mikkelsen.

Last week on Tap Tap Concede, we talked about the new Commander 2016 decks. Spoilers, they are sweet. (And if you want to see how they played out in a game, all our replays go up on the LoadingReadyLive YouTube channel!)

And finally in LRRPlay news, Paul Quest continues with the first episode of Space Quest III!


December 2nd, 2016

Posted by Kathleen

Hey everybody, long time no see!

It’s been a while since we talked. It wasn’t you, it was us. First Graham and Kathleen went to Australia, and then Desert Bus happened ($695k HYPE!), and then some sort of super cold circulated, leaving 70 percent of the crew bedridden.

^^ That was everyone except Ian, Cori and Cameron.

So in short… it’s been… one heck of a month here at LRR HQ.

However, after a whirlwind November, we’re finally back on track. LoadingReadyLive resumes on Dec 10! Craps continue to be shot! Kathleen has wrestled the hosting chair away from Ian for this week’s Feed Dump, and  more Commodore Hustle episodes are on the way soon! And yes, we still make Friday Nights.  There’ll be a new episode next week.

The streams are back on track (this week’s CheckPoint featured a slightly worse for wear Kathleen) and all your favourite podcasts are updating again too — a new episode of TapTap Concede went up today, Sidewalk Slam went up last week, and there will a new Qwerpline next week!

We’re also rapidly catching up on the behind the scenes videos — the October Mail Time and October Loading Time are online, and the November Loading Time is rapidly approaching completion.

Thanks for your patience this last month, and stay tuned for more of your favourite content!

The updates will continue until morale improves!
October 17th, 2016

Posted by Kathleen

It’s been a while since we’ve had a proper blog update, so I’m sure you’ve been totally lost without me telling you what we’ve been up to.

As usual, it’s been busy around here. So in case you missed any of it, here are some of the most notable things we’ve done recently (but not everything we’ve done, because I’m too lazy to link to every video from the last two weeks. To make sure you’re up to date on everything, subscribe to our YouTube channel!)

LoadingReadyRun turned 13 years old this month, so we acknowledged that (sort of) in the most recent episode of LoadingReadyLive.

The latest Battlefield game lets you play a pigeon. Has war finally gone too far? CheckPoint investigates.

The long-awaited nicknames episode has returned to Tap Tap Concede! Graham, Kathleen and Alex giggle and groan at a fresh bunch of unhelpful nicknames for Kaladesh cards.

Feed Dump discusses zombies, dishwashers and bears… Oh my! We also put on fake moustaches and act silly, if you can believe it.

And finally, Crapshots gets real this week, hitting hard on the Vape Nation and getting candy from strangers.