April 21st, 2014

Posted by Kathleen

LRRcon Logo

Saturday, May 10th, 2014

Hey everyone, do you know what LRRCON is?

It’s a special celebration to mark 10(ish) years of LRR! It’s being held in Seattle, Washington on May 10th, and we’d really like it if you could come!

So, if you do come, what will you be able to do?



Along with the 10th anniversary panel and the live show, LRRCon is about hanging out and playing games. We’ll be providing a board game library for your borrowing pleasure, and as many Magic cards we can get our paws on for drafting fun times! Though it doesn’t stop there. We also encourage all you MtG players to bring your Commander Decks, Standard Decks, Modern Decks… HECK bring your Legacy decks (no guarantee anyone else will) for pick up games of your favourite formats.

But what if you don’t know how to play magic and you want to learn? We can help you with that too. Stay tuned for further announcements!


The LRR Trivia Grand Prix is a brain-busting quiz competition, testing your knowledge of Loading Ready Run and all things geeky! Get together your team of up to 6 and prepare to do battle on the topics of video games, sci fi, fantasy, the interwebz, pop culture, random knowledge, and much more! Prizes and awesome swag are in store for the top teams!

Emceeing the event is Mike, aka IQ 2000, longtime friend to LRR who most recently took on blogging duties for Desert Bus 7. Mike is a 10-year veteran of competitive trivia, former president of his university’s trivia club, and the leader of Kathleen’s Geek Bowl trivia team. And, yes, according to an accredited online test, his IQ really is 2000. Hard to believe, but true.

Sign up your team in advance here!


The whole LRR crew will on hand to answer your questions, play some of our favorite videos and give you a sneak peak at upcoming stuff.


The evening of LRR Con, join us for a Dammit Liz-produced event! Special guests include:

  • Kris Straub
  • Kyle Stevens
  • Nerd Improv with members of LoadingReadyRun
  • The Doubleclicks
  • and more!


We’re also working really hard on adding even more awesome stuff to LRRCON to make it worth your while to come. I can’t spoil it yet… but we’re adding even more entertainment and fun. If you’d like to come, tickets are only $25.

Buy Tickets now! – $25

And, if you want to stay overnight to enjoy the late-night fun (and why wouldn’t you?) you can get special hotel rates until this Friday! So book ASAP.


Click here for special LRRcon rate

The Superhero we Truly Deserve… Unfortunately
April 21st, 2014

Posted by Kathleen

Happy Monday fellow citizens!

Are you sick of being terrified that a thing that you like will go mainstream? Are you scared that the specialness you get from liking a thing will be diluted by an influx of filthy casuals that like it too? Are you afraid of girls/boys/cool kids/sports kids/other humans messing up a good thing you having going? Well, you finally have a Superhero willing to stand up to your interests! You have… THE GATEKEEPER.

As someone astutely pointed out in our forum, this might be the only Superhero you might actually meet.

Meanwhile, on Unskippable, Graham and Paul riff on the 80s-tastic intro to Ni No Kuni, and demonstrate a frankly stunning recall of actors that time (and popular culture) forgot. What would classic TV be like without the comedy stylings of Mary Kate and/or Ashley Olsen after all?


In other news, Alex and Ray (aka, the Steacy Brothers) are plowing through the backlog of behind the scenes footage and we’ve got two new Loading Times up for your enjoyment!


MS-DOS, appearances and Robocop… oh my!
April 14th, 2014

Posted by Kathleen

Happy monday all! The blog is back after a short respite and it returns with exciting appearance news.

As I’m sure everyone on the west coast knows, we’re hosting our own convention called LRRCON on Saturday, May 10th.

But what if you want to see us and you don’t live anywhere near Seattle. What if you lived in or near Detroit, home of fictional American hero Robocop? What would you do then? Well, you could just go to Midwest Media Expo! That’s right, Graham, Kathleen, Beej and Cam will all be guests at the first annual Midwest Media Expo on April 25-27.

With that fun announcement out of the way, it’s time to move onto videos! What do you get when you decide to become the ultimate computer hipster? Why this video, The New Old Thing! We made Paul dress as “cool” as we could muster for this shoot. Which in our world means a buttoned up shirt and a deep-side part. He was not pleased, but we hope you will be!

This week on Unskippable, Graham and Paul riff on the opening cutscene of Deception IV. A game that — despite it’s incredible visual fidelity — it a PS3 title… and it’s about? Hot demons? Doing bad things? But you don’t see any of that? You set traps. The trap isn’t that the ‘demon’ on the right is underage. I mean, she’s a demon. She can look however she wants. So why not look like a 12 year old girl? Lure your enemies into a false sense of security… Or something.